Catholic Apologetics for YOU

Heroic Catholic, LLC is a small business in the Catholic Apologetics & Education industry with a simple goal in mind: to show people (teens and young adults especially) why they should love, learn, and live their faith. 

We began in 2015, in our founder's (Catherine's) senior year of high-school. She  Too little material existed for teens when it came to apologetics and faith. Catherine had a rude awakening her sophomore year of highschool when a friend started asking questions about her faith and she couldn't answer.


6 months of research later and she was on her way to writing a book. That book, How to Becime a Heroic Catholic: A Guide to Defending Catholicism for Teenagers & Young Adults, lit a spark. Now Heroic Catholic, LLC is Catherine's way of making sure no one else has to go through life without knowing why they believe what they believe. 

So let's go! Love, Learn, & Live your faith. Be a Heroic Catholic!


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