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Apologetics, not apologies.

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I used to get weird looks when I'd tell people that I wanted to be an apologist. Still do sometimes. It's because the word "apologetics" sounds pretty similar to "apology," which makes sense given they share the same Greek root (apologia).

Apologetics, though, is something that means speaking in defense of something you believe in. Not saying you're sorry for believing in it, instead it's standing up for your beliefs and knowing why they matter to you.

My goal with Heroic Catholic is to show people, teenagers and young adults especially, how to use apologetics in their lives to grow in confidence in their faith and hopefully take it from abstract beliefs that are hard to explain to concrete facts that can be defended or argued for effectively and efficiently. You should never feel sorry for your beliefs. You should never think that they're insignificant or stupid. It's tough sometimes. But that's why I'm here - I know what it's like to try and explain your faith to someone and stumble over and over again or mess up or think that I'm failing as a Catholic for not knowing everything. And I'll give you the tools you need to do three things:

1. Fall in love with your faith

2. Learn how to be an apologist.

3. Live as the person God calls you to be.

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